Your passion lives in everything U do


Welcome to my first post in english… I decided to write this one in english cause an american movie inspired me to write about how our passion lives in everything we do. So I quote…

«Kung Fu lives in everything we do, Xiao Dre. Lives in how we put on a jacket, and how we get off a jacket, is about how we treat people, everything is kung fu»Mr. Han.   The Karate Kid, 2010.

So just change the word «kung fu» with your favourite thing in the world and you’ll get what i’m talking about. For me that word is yoga and maybe if you are reading this: Yoga is  your favourite word too and not only that, it also is the flow of the practice what makes me happy.

But anyways and to keep it simple, whatever you like doing is where you’ll find the inspiration that gets you through a day. For example, I always think that the way we treat people is a very good way of practicing yamas, like saying thanks to someone in a humbble way with a namaste greeting. Or simply stretching to reach a very high dish in the cupboard like we do in a yoga class breathing in and out so our spine can get all the benefits of that stretch.

If we start seeing our world, with the essence and ethics of our passions we will start loving our daily life. We will start having inspiration on everything we do and that kind of inspiration is what makes the difference in having a fulfilled day.  The most interesting thing that I see in doing this is that we will start to be more conscious in the activities we do, and not only that we will start loving what we do, even if it is to reach a very high dish in the cupboard.


No matter what is your passion it can be music, yoga, kung fu, whatever you like doing it will get you fulfilled if you expand it to your daily life.

It is not about what we do, is about what inspire us to get things done.

What are the things that inspire you in a common day? Let me know..

Would you like more posts in english? Also let me know 🙂


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