yoga teacher?


Hi!! my name is Martha, I’m a mexican yogui. I teach and practice yoga almost every day and believe me, it has been a good, loving, journey, because when you love what u do, and do what you love, you have made the half of the journey already.

I love my life as a yogui, a very urban gal, sometimes lazy yogui.  it is quite interesting because once you start practicing and studying about yoga, you can’t stop the feeling of knowing more.

Your practice becomes your mantra, your path, and your life style. But their is also the other side of what makes us normal, mundane humans, and that duality, that part of being lazy sometimes, of being mad about something, or feeling frustrated about really tiny stuff, is the side that I will focus on my blog posts in here.

Because my mission is to make u fall in love of what I do, my task is to make u want to know about this ancient science of yoga, but in a very easy, simple way.

Forget the difficult poses, or the sanscrit names, just follow me through small but rich stories about how I fell in love with yoga, and maybe, I can persuade you in to taking a yoga class, maybe I can inspire u to try something knew and make u fall in love of something you are really passionate about, even if its not yoga.

Follow me trough instagram to check out my daily pics, some fun facts and simple yoga tips !!


@maestradeyoga  This month i’ll be posting all about mudras, so if you don’t know a heck of that, this is a good moment to learn something knew or just be inspired with pretty pics.


PS. One other thing, I also post in spanish, #mexicanyogui , get it… So don’t be confused if sometimes you see content in english or in spanish, I normally will write about different topics, but if you like the english posts, leave a comment so I can know you are enjoying them.

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maestra de yoga Blog, donde te compartire experiencias, consejos y conocimientos que he aprendido durante este viaje hacia mi interior. Leeme con regularidad, con suerte te inspiro, para que tu también quieras viajar a tu interior. De México, #clasesdeyoga #YogaEnCasa #MaestradeYoga Meditación+Motivación

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